Clinic Information System

21CI Clinical Information System is a blend of revenue cycle management and clinical transformation. The solution enables a digital network between an organization's strategy, processes, workflows and technology so as to achieve the mission and vision of the Clinic

Value Proposition

ICT-enabled Revenue Cycle Management analyses, improves and applies all factors related to patient relations. This will ensure patient safety by having an integrated workflow so as to optimize and accelerate cash flow. This is implemented by the standardization of policies & procedures, correct and appropriate clinical documentation, automated workflow, technology optimization, staff-planning and patient experience. These will improve following systems and processes in the clinic:

  • Patient delivery system:
    Improve delivery system of department with direct & indirect patient interaction

  • Operations:
    Improved & structured operational, clinical, managerial & financial management

  • Revenue incorporation:
    Effective handling of claims from TPA, doctors billing and corporate billing

  • Physician’s accountability:
    More ownership and lower cost of operations

  • Patient experience:
    Improved service efficiency & patient experience

  • Quality measures:
    Quality-accredtions-based workflows

  • Safety:
    ICT-enabled patient & medication safety

  • Technology:
    Optimize the planning, design and implementation and make optimum use of technology