Advanced Imaging System

21CI Solution is an Integrated RIS / Advanced PACS that would address 360 degrees of panorama of the need.

Advanced ToolsAdvanced Image Processing Tools

Apex Advanced PACS integrates clinical specialty wise advanced viewing tools

  • Cardiology multi-frame DICOM viewing, QCA, Cardiac 3D package

We integrate state of the art processing libraries / products from reputed partners rather than reinventing the wheel. Such products are certified with global standards and are fully integrated with 21CI Apex.

  • CT and MRI 3D processing - isolation of organ / vessel / bone, MPR, MIP, Virtual Endoscopy
  • Linear, area / volume measurements, Liver, Lung and Malignancies etc.

These tools can be used effectively by Radiologists as well as keen Clinicians from different disciplines for better understanding of the disease and treatment planning.