Advanced Imaging System

21CI Solution is an Integrated RIS / Advanced PACS that would address 360 degrees of panorama of the need.

Patient-centric, optimal RIS workflows

Web Registrations

  • Web-based registration forms: Collect information from patients reduce waiting time and the time spent in clinics.

Scheduling and MWL

  • Scheduling by slots or running sequence number. Administrative dashboard for scheduling multiple tests for the same patient.

  • Modality work list for diagnostic equipment to avoid manual entries of demographics and examination. Eliminates errors and ensures perfectly reconciled clinical records for each patient.

Administrative Alerts

  • Alerts and Priority management for Medico-Legal Cases, VIP Cases and cases delayed beyond stipulated time

  • Text on Cellular phone for appointment reminders and rescheduling

  • Alerts for sensitive transactions

Enhanced Customer Service

  • SMS / Phone based Appointments System and Due date reminders

  • Clinical assessment, counseling and validation of prescribed examination

  • Emergency care for co-morbidities such as acute allergic reaction to contrast

Statutory Compliance

  • Process for signing and digitally storing consent forms and prescription

  • Record of handover of hardcopies (Reports, Films, CDs) of current exam and priors by patients / relation.

Commercial Alerts

  • Set Alerts for part payments, credit / Insurance covered patients, restricted services. Relaying alerts to relevant users.

  • Alerts for identifying Loyal Customers for special entitlements

Enterprise Workflows

  • Multi-organization, multi-location workflows. Ideally suited for chains of Diagnostic Centres with self owned / Managed diagnostic set ups and outsourced tele-radiology operations

  • Integration with third party HIS /RIS/ PACS though HL7 Engine

Clinical Alerts

  • Clinical alerts to highlight known allergies.

  • Alerts for wrong scheduling of the tests.

  • Alerts to technicians for other pending tests.

  • Alerts for Stat report requests.

  • Priors for the existing patient

  • Priors of the same patient with different name