Advanced Imaging System

21CI Solution is an Integrated RIS / Advanced PACS that would address 360 degrees of panorama of the need.

Value Proposition

The software development is based on the HADF (Healthcare Application Development Framework). This framework has derived best practices from hundreds of implementations of our product to reflect best diagnostic practices for all segments. The configuration tools included in the product reduce dependence of the solution provider for site specific needs.

Configuration tool

  • Tuning workflow very easily to suit any site specific requirement.

  • Modifying screens to provide additional data fields to capture specific input

  • Configuring any document output and reports in MS Word / MS Excel to meet dynamic requirement of any institution.

  • The Microsoft Office documents are completely secure data with system generated password to prevent unauthorized modifications.

Distributed Architecture

  • Distributed Architecture to scalable to a chain of hospitals or Centres.

  • Ensures Central control on operations and finance

  • Powered by Enterprise Services Over Unreliable Lines (ESOUL) Engine that addresses the issue of business continuity in case the link to the Enterprise Server is not available for a short while .

Vendor Neutral (Modality) approach

Information technology needs to be evaluated in isolation from the equipment to get the best from either sides and that is the intention of DICOM standard. We therefore provide integrated vendor neutral solution, keeping the preeminence of interest of the care provider and patients.